Why Market Research Matters to Your MLM Business

Discovering the power of buyer marketing

Your MLM business is powered by people, not sales or marketing elements. Once you have spent time in the industry, you will realize that relationships matter and this solely talks about your prospects for the moment. Buyer marketing is another term for content marketing. In short, you target the audience with content that is looking for a solution. Not just any solution, but one that satisfies their “me pain”. It is all about them, so you need to become less focused on you and more focused on them. Stay focused on the objective.

Don’t worry there are benefits in it for you. However, you cannot guess when it comes to knowing your audience. Your friend may be an ideal prospect, but let’s face facts here. Your sole prospect will be something that is far from your friend. It is OK to use some demographics to help you narrow down your true prospect. You may end up with at least two buyer’s personas for your MLM business. You may want to create three just in case.

The true power lies within your MLM business itself. The parent company has data that may help you research better. Your buyer’s have needs, behavior and preferences that you can discover for your marketing. The personas reflect true traits in a fictional structure. As you dig into your research, take notes to build your buyer’s profile.

The marketing research is an adventure

Performing marketing research for your MLM business may not sound fun. It can be if you look at it the right way. You will need to discover the individual for the profile, such as some demographics, previous or current career, possibly needs, and pains that prevent them from happiness. Once you know what they need, you can find out where they hang out. You can also uncover the type of content they prefer. One format does not fit all. You may need to cream several types of content in order to reach more people.

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